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Ribs Food Focus

When receiving ribs from US Foods always rotate newer ribs to the bottom and older ribs on top. For each case verify the catch weight, which varies from 34-44 pounds. When slacking ribs take the ribs out of the case and place on sheet trays then onto the speed racks to thaw, allow 24-36 hours to completely thaw. After the ribs are completely thawed it is time to prepare the ribs for the smoke process. The first step is to score the ribs in a checker board pattern using a scoring knife into the rib membrane, approximately 4 cuts each way. Only cut deep enough to cut through the membrane not the meat. If cut through the meat the ribs will dry out during the smoking process. The next step is the seasoning process. While seasoning the ribs you first shake celery seed onto the meat side approximately 1/3 teaspoon per slab. Next is to apply the rib rub using the hand crank sifter, approximately 2 ounces of rub per slab. Again only season the meat side of the ribs, after seasoned with rib rub tap off excess seasoning. The third step is the smoking process, drain grease from the smoker and then place 10-12 pounds of hickory wood in the fire box of the smoker. When placing ribs on the rack they go in at an angle, meat side up, and no more than 7 slabs per rack with a minimum space of 1 inch between slabs. When the smoker is loaded set a designated timer and fill out the Cook of Board. The cook of board has the amount of product in the smoker, when the smoker was started and the estimated time when it should be done. The MOD does a F.A.T. Test during the smoke phase. The minimum smoke temperature of the ribs should be at 175 degrees.
When cooling the ribs after pulling out of the smoker the temperature of the ribs should be down to 70 degrees within 2 hours and 40 degrees within 4 hours. Store on covered sheet trays with no more than 8 slabs per tray meat side up. When labeling each tray it should have the item, date, and the managers initials.
When reheating the ribs the internal temperature should be 165 degrees, and then labeled with a 4 hour DOA time when coming out of the Cres core. If there are any rips in the bags replace bags and rewrite the labels out.
Grilling process char the membrane side of the ribs first, approximately 3-3.5 minutes or until the membrane starts to peel and flake. Flip to the meat side and char for approximately 2 minutes or until the meat starts to bubble from end to end. Caramelize Rich and Sassy on both sides of the ribs for approximately 30-45 seconds. After the grilling process ribs may be held for a maximum of 10 minutes, re-sauce the ribs after the cutting process.


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