Wilbur beans review

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Wilbur beans review

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Wilbur Beans

*Refer to Prep Recipe, Cook’s line Side’s Recipe and Plate Presentation Books

Ordering: Order Hotlink Sausage, Onions, jalapeno peppers, Rich & Sassy BBQ sauce and Baked
Beans from proper food supplier, US Foods or Reinhardt

Receiving: Verify all refrigerated products are received below 41°

Slacking: Wilbur Meat for this recipe should be slacked 24 hours before making.

Stage 1(Sauce): Follow Stage 1 directions of Wilbur Beans, Prep-33 of Prep book
-Render Sausage completely before moving on
-Make sure all vegetables are measured after cutting
-Wilbur Sausage should be prepared according to Prep Recipe 9
Stage 2(Mixture): Follow Stage 2 directions of Wilbur Beans, Prep-33 of Prep book as Stage 1
- Wilbur Meat should be prepared according to Prep Recipe 8
-Wilbur meat can contain ribs, brisket, pork or babybacks
-Mix each 1X in a 6’ Lexan

Cooling: Scoop Wilbur Beans in 2 in. hotel pans to ensure faster cooling and small batch usage
-Label hotel pans and leave uncovered to cool
-Cool in Hot Foods Cooler (34°-40°F)

Reheat for service: Cover with film and foil and load in Cres Cor for 2 hours or till 165°F
- DOA after 4 hours. Visual Inspection after that.

Service: Scoop 4oz. with 3 oz. ladle and set in 5oz. mocha

Success Factors: Always read Preparatory recipe success factors to ensure a Famous Product
Beans should be made 24 hours before service


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