Drunkin' Apples review

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Drunkin' Apples review

Post by Admin on Wed May 22, 2013 9:43 am

Drunkin' Apples

*Refer to Prep Recipe, Cook’s line Side’s Recipe and Plate Presentation Books

Ordering: Order frozen Granny Smith apples from proper food supplier, US Foods or Reinhardt
-Apples must be ordered at least 2 days in advance for proper slack and thaw
-Butter Blend, Amaretto, Lemon Juice, ground Nutmeg, ground Cinnamon, Granulated
Sugar, Honey, Orange juice and corn starch must be on hand to complete recipe

Receiving: When receiving apples, make sure they are below 41°F and verify no temperature abuse

Slacking: Slack apples at least 24 hours in advance. When slacking, place bag of apples upside-down
In a perforated lexan inside a 2nd lexan to drain excess water from ice.
-Keep bag over apples to ensure no oxidation, browning of apples
-1 Case of Apples per ½ X of Drunkin’ Apples

Stage 1(Sauce): Follow Stage 1 directions of Drunkin’ Apples, Prep-37 of Prep book
Stage 2(Mixture): Follow Stage 2 directions of Drunkin’ Apples, Prep-37 of Prep book as Stage 1
Sauce is approaching a rolling boil
-Also, as Stage 1 sauce is approaching a rolling boil, transfer thawed apples into a large
Lexan, ready for Sauce and Mixture to be added
*When Stage 2 Mixture is added to Stage 1 Sauce, the remaining sauce MUST be
Continuously stirred for an additional 10 minutes AFTER the sauce begins to boil
*This stage is what ensure the proper consistency of the Drunkin’ Apples. Remember
To set a timer for 10 minutes while stirring
Stage 3(Final Product):Add 4 ½ Qts of Sauce to every 30 lb case of Apples and mix in Lexan

Cooling: Scoop Drunkin’ Apples in 2 Qt. cambros to ensure faster cooling and small batch usage
-Label cambros and remember apples must marinate at least 12 hours before use
-Cool in Hot Foods Cooler (34°-40°F)

Reheat for service: Double boil on stove to 140°F. Apples do not need to reach 165°F reheat temp.
- DOA after 2 hours. Visual Inspection after that.

Service: Scoop 4oz. with slotted spoon and set in 5oz. mocha
-Sprinkle 2 shakes of cinnamon per side of apples

Success Factors: Always read Preparatory recipe success factors to ensure a Famous Product


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