Rib Tips review

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Rib Tips review

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Rib Tips

*Refer to Rib Tip Absolutes, Prep Recipe, Cook’s line Recipe and Plate Presentation Books

Ordering: From a reliable source, US Foods or Reinhart
Order 2-3 days in advance to use correct slack and thaw

Receiving: Check catchweights match cases(40-44 lbs.)
Rotate FIFO and in cooler 32°F-40°F

Slacking: On sheet trays and keep Label and slack label both on bags
Allow 2-3 days to thaw in cooler 32°F-40°F

Seasoning: Must be completely thawed for proper smoke
Trim excess fat, if any, on underside of tip
Shake approx. 1/3 tsp celery seed and approx. 2 oz rib rub on bone side with sifter
*Note* Always use celery seed before rib rub to ensure proper adherence
Repeat with seasonings on meat side
Tap off excess seasoning before loading in smoker

Smoking: Drain majority of grease from smoker but leave at least an inch for a moist product
Place 10-12lbs of hickory wood in firebox, approx. 2-3 split-logs
Place on racks at an angle, meat side up, tail facing door, with at least 1”gap
Set Smoker for 3 ½ hrs at 250°F, holding at 170°F
Set timer for 2 ½ hrs and fill out Cook off Board
Manager must perform FAT Test during smoke phase
Check Temperature, 175"°" F, Flavor, Appearance and Texture

Cooling: Cool to 70°F within 2 hrs, 40°F within 4 hours
Store approx 10lbs of tips on sheet tray single layered, meat side up
Place on speed rack, leaving space between pans with label on each sheet tray
After cooled use bun pan bag and label, using same smoke labels on sheet trays

Reheat for service: Reheat to 165°F in Heat and Hold cabinet within 2 hours
Label with 6 hour DOA time, 2 hours of heating and 4 hours of service
Do Not Use reheated ribs from previous day/night

Grill: Char meat side first for 1-2 minutes till meat is bubbling end to end
Flip on bone side for another 1-2 minutes and season meat side with Memphis rub ½ tsp
Flip on meat side for an additional 10 seconds to toast dry rub and season with ½ tsp
Flip on bone side for 10 seconds while seasoning meat side again,1/4 tsp and take off
*Note* If a guest prefers bbq sauce, do not use Memphis rub and caramelize

Cut: Separate brisket bone from tip with weighted knife and cut meat away to use for service
Weigh meat and adjust accordingly for lunch/dinner and combo/platter weights
Place unused tip in warming drawer for use within the next 10 minutes
Once weighed to proper weight, cut lean meat in ¾” to 1” long strips
*Note* Rib Tips should look like small ribs

Service: Layer rib tips and line the meat up against the edge of the platter or pan
For Appetizer, line rib tips on top of fries
All ribs tips are served with 2oz Southside BBQ Sauce, 3-4 hellfire pickles and 1 oz
Jalapeno pickled red onions


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