Roasted Chicken review

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Roasted Chicken review

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Chicken Food Focus

*Refer to Chicken Absolutes, Prep Recipe, Cook’s line Recipe and Plate Presentation Books

Ordering: From a reliable source, US Foods
Order 6-8 days in advance to use correct slack and thaw

Verify case weights and/ or case counts with invoice/ temperature
Rotate FIFO and in cooler 32°F-40°F

Layer packed. 3 layers per case. 8 halves per layer
Remove blue bag from box. Place unopened blue bag on sheet trays and thaw on speed racks.
6 cases per speed rack.
Label with time and date.
Allow 72-96 hours to completely thaw.
For faster thaw time. Pull one layer pack of chicken from blue bag and place on sheet tray.
Cover with bun pan bag.
Label with time and date.
Allow 24 hours to completely thaw.

Tuck wings and pull leg to stretch chicken
Place chicken on a wire rack on a sheet tray
Season bone side first using the ‘Wet Hand-Dry Hand” method
Cover both sides evenly with seasoning
Move chicken on wire rack to a parchment paper lined sheet tray

Set convection oven to 300°F
Cook on high fan for approximately 50 minutes
Cook to a minimum temperature of 180°F., measured at the thigh
Transfer to a clean sheet tray after baking
Brush chicken with juices after cooking

Place sheet tray in a bun pan bag

Holding cont.
Label with 2 hour DOA time
Place in hot holding unit
After DOA time is reached, use for pulled chicken and chicken for wild rice soup

Place bone side on grill first
Handle chicken carefully with tongs to keep skin intact
Grill 30-45 seconds; flip skin down and grill 30 seconds
Hold in drawer no longer then 10 minutes.
For BBQ Chicken, caramelize Rich and Sassy on both sides grill 30 seconds per side

Cut on angle between the breast and thigh using a chef knife with chopper handle
Brush BBQ Chicken with additional Rich & Sassy on both sides
For Feasts, cut leg from thigh
Chicken may be held hot for a maximum of 10 minutes after grilling


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