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Post by Admin on Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:39 pm

General Conduct
Lurk before posting! We cannot stress this enough. Each forum pretty much makes it clear from its name and description what is acceptable in there or not. Be sure you have the appropriate forum before posting. If there is no forum dedicated to the topic you wish to discuss, use Misc. Do NOT post porn or any "questionable" material; if you would be uncomfortable viewing it at work, do not post it.

Before you post: Before posting, please ask yourself the following question: "Am I making a post which is either funny, informative, or interesting on any level?"

If you can answer "yes" to this, then please post. If you cannot, then refrain from posting.

Before you reply: Before replying, please ask yourself the following question: "Does my reply offer any significant advice or help contribute to the conversation in any fashion?"

If you can answer "yes" to this, then please reply. If you cannot, then refrain from replying.

Posting Rules
Respect the Mods and Writers: The moderators are here to keep the forums safe, sane, and secure. If they ask you to do something, please do it. Please do not harass or intentionally annoy the mods or insult the front page writers. If you do not like the mods or the moderation, feel free to not post.
Harass and Sass: No forms of harassment will be tolerated, be it sexual, or violent. If somebody is harassing you on the forums then discuss it with them over PM or contact the Admin or moderators. Flames and cutdowns do not constitute harassment. Please do not post others' personal information (phone number, addresses, emails, etc.). Posting of specific names other than to compliment or in a manner of support is prohibited. Try to stay out of other peoples' personal lives as well. Keep in mind there's a good distinction between the Internet and real life.

FYAD Freedoms: You cannot post illegal material or harass others by posting their personal information.
I Hate Speech: “Offensive” terms are NOT tolerable, be nice to your co-workers, this will result in a ban from the site and a possible suspension.

Image / File Rules
Do not post any illegal pictures; this will result in a ban from the site and a possible suspension.

I Don't Agree With a Mod or Admin Decision!

Feel free to talk to any manager or trainer about their actions taken on the site but remember, they are here to make the rules and you are here to follow them.

Social Network
Your social networking is subject to all of the Company’s policies, including confidential information, Professional Code of Conduct, team member behavior standards, sexual harassment/offensive behavior, violence in the workplace and no solicitation.

Ultimately this site is being created as a tool to help you communicate outside of work, have respect for your fellow co-workers and have fun


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