Pork Review

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Pork Review

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From a reliable source, US Foods or Reinhart
Order 2-3 days in advance to use correct slack and thaw


Verify case weights with invoice
Rotate FIFO and in cooler 32°F-40°F


Break out on sheet trays and thaw on speed racks
Allow 48 hours to completely thaw


All pork should be completely thawed before seasoning
Drain excess moisture from pork
Rub pork with Rib Rub, approximately 1 cup per pork butt
Season using “Wet Hand-Dry Hand” method


Place 12-14 lbs. Of hickory wood in fire box
Place pork on rack, fat side up
Set smoker for 225 F. for approximately 10-12 hours
Set a designated timer and fill out Cook of Board with required information
Manager performs a F.A.T. Test in smoke phase
Smoke pork to a minimum internal tempertaure of 185 F


Place pork on uncovered sheet trays to cool under refrigeration
Maximum 4 pork butts per sheet tray
Pork must be cooled to 70 F. in 2 hours and 40 F. in 4 hours
When pork reaches 40 F. split in half lengthwise, wrap and label with item,
date of smoking and Manager's initials


Reheat pork to 165 F.
Place in Cres Cor that is set at 250 F. for approximately 2 hours
Label with 4 hour DOA time


Pork may be held wrapped in the hot holding unit at 170 F.
Pork may be held on the line in a perforated pan, above Au Jus during meal periods


Remove visible fat from pork
Weight out proper portion
Chop into 1/2” chunks using a chef knife with chopping handle
Mix exterior bark with interior meat for correct flavor profile
Toss in Meat Sauce


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